Property Management

A good property manager will offer different management packages to suit your needs. These can range from just checking on a vacant property and cleaning a couple of times a month, to a five star holiday rental package with airport pick-up, and champagne and flowers to welcome your guests into the accommodation.

If your home is vacant discuss with the management company what type of care your property needs, so when you arrive at your holiday home you can enjoy the rest and not have to spend the first half of it cleaning! Remember, just because it’s not in use doesn’t mean it won’t deteriorate. For instance if you have a swimming pool, and it’s not looked after weekly, you will arrive to find a green pond instead of a blue sparkling pool.

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Rental Agencies

The sole purpose of a rental agency is to find tenants for your property, either long term or short term, and, of course, ensure that the money received is paid into your account. Most rental agencies are management companies as well and this is often the best option as it keeps everything under one roof and makes it easier to co-ordinate.

GoldAcre Estates can provide both management and rental services through our own offices or our sister and partner companies.

When you choose a rental agency they will charge a fee so ask them what is included and make sure it is a commission fee based on letting the property, which will motivate them to ensure it is occupied to the maximum capacity. Ask them how they find tenants for your property; do they have a website? Do they advertise? Do they collaborate with other agencies locally and abroad?

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Check List for Renting

If you are thinking of renting your property use this handy checklist to make sure that you comply with the laws and rules that may be applicable.......

  1. Mortgage Lender – Make sure that the terms of your lender allow you to rent your property
  2. Insurance - If you don`t let your insurance company know that you have let your property, you may not be covered in the event of damage, fire or theft in the property. Check you are covered for public liability. Read our guide to insurance. Read our guide to Insurance.
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