Selling Your Property

Ensuring you understand the Financial, Legal and Tax responsibilities involved in selling a property by reading our guide so you can price your property as competitively as possible. We are always happy for you to take other expert opinions such as an Independent Financial Advisor specialising in property.

Make sure your home is at its best for potential buyers with our useful Presentation Tips.

Learn how we market your property to give you the best chance of a sale.

If you require a Professional Valuation for reasons of insurance, financial, hereditary etc. we can supply written reports for an administration fee.

Our job is to sell property, that is what we do, we would be delighted to sell yours.

Here are some tips to help you to decide what steps you need to take to get your property sold quickly and for the best price. With just a little effort and cost, "presenting" your home to sell can make the difference between selling and not selling.

Every seller wants their home to sell as fast as possible and for a great price. With careful planning and knowing how to professionally present your home to prospective purchasers, you will make sure buyers are queuing up to buy your home.

We`ve all heard of the old tricks of the aroma of fresh baked bread or fresh coffee, flowers everywhere liberally sprayed with scented rose, right through to exiling the kids to the grandparents for the duration!! And these can be good but the following advice will help.

Once you`ve made the decision to sell and asked GoldAcre Estates to market your property...

...Distance Yourself from Your Home by:
Saying to yourself, "I have to make my ex home as attractive to the new potential owners as possible, more of a Show House than a Home"
Mentally decide to "let go" of your emotions and memories then focus on the fact that soon this house will no longer be yours and you will be in your new home with new dreams.
Say goodbye to each room, the garden etc.
Start planning your move - look toward the future, you will always have your memories.
Picture yourself handing over the keys and waving goodbye to the new owners.

OK that`s done. Now with a bit of work and a little cash here are some tips to help you to decide what steps you need to take to get your property sold quickly and for the best price. Follow this guide and with just a little effort and cost, "presenting" your home well can make the difference between selling and not selling.

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A valuation by a professional Estate Agency is very important and should be the first step you take in selling your home.

GoldAcre Estates offer a free valuation to those wishing to place their property on the market. We will visit your property and provide you with a professional valuation based on the property and market conditions and then discuss and agree the final selling price with the individual owners.
The final price we agree, will be commensurate with current market selling prices. Also with any pricing we will ensure consideration is given to mortgage settlements, partners payments, taxes or other professional fees, if applicable. During the valuation process we will explain the "Property Sale Commission Agreement" the contract that will be signed by GoldAcre Estates and the vendor.

At GoldAcre Estates we offer two distinct types of choices on how to sell your home which, again, we will thoroughly explain to you so you can choose the best one for you. These are briefly explained below:

Non Exclusive Commission Agreement
GoldAcre Estates will market your property through our vast resources and the internet along with using our marketing tools.
Our sales agreement will clearly state the commission payable upon successful completion of a sale as both a percentage of the sale price and a cost in Euros along with clearly displaying the price that we will be marketing your property for you.
Exclusive Commission Agreement
An Exclusive Agreement gives GoldAcre Estates the sole right to market your property and gives you the very best chance of achieving an early sale.
GoldAcre Estates will market your property utilising all of our vast resources such as the worldwide web, social media marketing such as Twitter and Facebook, newspapers, along with local and international magazine advertising.
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What we do

GoldAcre Estates invests heavily in promoting our company and therefore driving clients to view your Property. Some of the ways we promote your property are......
GoldAcre advertise regularly in Local, National and International magazines and newspapers.
We advertise constantly on Local Radio Stations.
GoldAcre Estates invests in new Internet and database technologies to produce informative, easy to use Web Sites where prospective clients can view your property along with all the surroundings and easily contact us.
GoldAcre Estates through John Goldacre and others in our company have provided expert information and opinion, given interviews and analysis and reported for several International TV shows and news programs.
GoldAcre regularly exhibit at Property Exhibitions and Trade Shows.
We ensure that GoldAcre Estates name and branding is in front of as many potential clients as possible using advertising hoardings, "For Sale" signs, sponsorship banners etc.
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Todays Market

Global Real Estate is an ever changing marketplace and is dependent upon what governments say and do, but one thing you can be assured of, property although cyclical, always rises over the long term.

It is no secret, that when difficult times are abound, for those wishing to sell their property whether it`s residential, commercial business or commercial property or land, EVERYBODY is looking for a "bargain sale", a "unique property", a "once in a lifetime buy", an "opportunity"..........

Sounds Daunting?? Well, we at GoldAcre Estates are the first to admit that this is always our biggest challenge in the property market, ensuring our vendors achieve the very best whatever the market conditions.

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Find out how to arrange a valuation of your property from one of our experts and how to start the process of selling your home.

Valuation of a Private Property to be Sold

The valuation is the most important aspect of selling your home. The property has to be priced within current market conditions, so as to maximise your opportunity to sell but also be at a price that ensures you receive the best price possible when selling your home and what for most people is one of their largest assets.

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Valuation of a Property for Professional Reasons

If you require a property to be valued for a professional reason such as for insurance purposes, probate, financial audits, etc we will visit the property and prepare a written report stating the condition, description and market value of the property.Contact GoldAcre Estates valuation department

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Valuation of a Commercial Property

We can arrange for a valuation of a commercial property whether it be for Financial/Audit reasons or for the purpose of selling or leasing.

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GoldAcre Estates can help you sell your home.We have worked hard to make sure we are one of the leading Estate Agencies in the Canaries and we invest both time and capital to finding clients to view your property.

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Property Selling Guide for Greece

GoldAcre Estates can help you sell your home.We have worked hard to make sure we are one of the leading Estate Agencies and we invest both time and capital to finding potential buyers to view your property.

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GoldAcre Estates has many years of experience in the sale of businesses and commercial property. We realise that each valuation is unique and we can offer the best advice on how to market your business. Read more on how to obtain a free valuation on a commercial property.

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