GoldAcre Estate are affiliated to the professional body of the FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation. The Federation originated in Paris in 1945 and is still headquartered there.

It is a worldwide network with 60 member countries and 115 different national professional real estate associations. FIABCI links 1.5 million real estate professionals worldwide representing every discipline in the industry.

The International Real Estate Federation has been benefiting its members for over 50 years and has built an excellent reputation in international real estate. The Federation is not political and is truly democratic and as such is advisor to bodies such as the UN, the EU, NAFTA and MERCOSUR.

The Federation is multi-disciplinary and represents surveyors, financiers, brokers, lawyers, architects, counsellors, accountants, builders, insurers and investors. The organisation was originally known as the CNAB (French National Federation of Property Managers) and held its first international congress in 1948. In 1954 the federation obtained consultative status on the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Two years later, at congress it was decided to adopt a new name for the organization: the Fédération Internationale des Administrateurs de Biens Conseils et Agents Immobiliers (FIABCI).

In 1964, in Tel Aviv, it was decided to rename the Federation the International Real Estate Federation. The existing acronym FIABCI, however, already recognized worldwide, was kept.

Professional accreditation for Spain

GoldAcre Estate is a professional and fully licensed real estate agent with the necessary certification required by Spain and the Canary Islands.

GoldAcre Estate are regulated in the Canary Islands by the Agrupación técnica profesional de asesores de la propiedad inmobiliaria de España, to ensure we maintain the highest standards and we are kept informed of the latest property regulations and information regarding taxes, laws, etc. Our membership number is 0372.

It is important that when dealing with any estate agency that you ask if they have this ADPI or API number. If they do not have an ADPI/API number they may have little or no formal training in real estate at all. If you are uncertain as to whether an agency has this number or not, a lawyer can find out for you.

GoldAcre Estate are also affiliated to international property related organisations. Please follow the link to learn more on our association with accreditation authorities.Please follow the link to learn more on our association with accreditation authorities.