Choosing your new furniture is a great way to improve your home's looks and make it represent your personality. But, if you are trying to sell or rent it, you should definitely consider other people's tastes as well. A design that is compatible with all tastes is bound to make a property sell faster. When you are letting there are several things to consider that can simplify the maintenance of a place and prolong the time until any future renovation.

Furniture and floors
   For example, you should select furniture and floor materials that are very easy to clean. Try to keep the decorations to a minimum to prevent a lot of dust in the house and go for cushions with removable (thus, washable) covers. What`s more, think about the value of the furniture you buy in the long run. Prefer slightly more expensive pieces of better quality that will last longer than the cheap ones.

The needs of the tenant

   Different houses have different needs and so do their residents. If you own a villa/bungalow/duplex or townhouse in a place with warm weather it's good to invest in sunbeds and umbrellas.Also, you should recognize your target buyer or tenant and their needs and equip the house accordingly. You could very much increase the interest of a potential tenant by providing, for example, internet connection, satellite television or an impressive entertainment unit.

Energy efficieny
   Furthermore, there are many ways you can save money when you are equipping your home by making it more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Homes adapted for disabled people

   Experiencing at least a temporary disability is a common phenomenon, so if you are trying to rent your home a good idea would be to make it accessible to disabled or elderly renters.

        * Start by adding ramps and widening all doorways so that a wheelchair fits through them easily.       
        * Remodel the bathroom by installing a walk-in styled bath or shower. Ask your contractor to adjust the cabinet under the sink so that a wheelchair can roll over.

       * Make sure there are support handles and bars throughout the house.

       * Create storage areas that are convenient at knee level.