Moving is one of those things that can go wrong, having things broken or even lost. The right preparation before a move can save you from all the trouble and make your transition to your new home much smoother.

Wrap up well

   Make sure you wrap well the items you pack to protect them from scratching. Try to pack similar items together and keep all the parts of things together, building up layers in the cartons, placing the heaviest things on the bottom and lightest on top.

Don't overload

   It is important to avoid overloading and strive for a firm pack that will prevent items from shifting. Seal cartons tightly with tape and check that the cover closes easily without force, but doesn`t bend inward. Don't forget to appropriately label your boxes, marking your name, the room it should go to and its contents and indicate 'Fragile' or 'This end up' when necessary. Also, make an inventory sheet so that you can check all items have been successfully moved to the new location.

Help the moving company

   When you are using a professional company, there are some preparations you need to do to make it easier and safer for the crew to help you move. Clear all walkways by moving all door and floor mats, rugs, potted plants and planters and low hanging items such as wind chimes. Point out which items are most special to you that require extra attention, or the ones you need to have unloaded first. Eliminate as much trash as you can before the moving day and get rid of all flammable items, because they are probably not going to be loaded by the driver and crew. Last but not least, try and have a parking space reserved for the moving truck.

Move it or buy a new one?

   If you are interested in an international move you should take into consideration the costs and delivery time. Sometimes, it might be cheaper to buy something new than to have the old one moved. The team at GoldAcre Estates can recommend you some trustworthy companies from the local market that you can consult with to make your decision.