Buying property with 

GoldAcre Estates

Once you have arrived in Fuerteventura and have arranged your appointment, our friendly and experienced property consultants will accompany you to the properties you have chosen, including those that may have escaped your notification, but always matching those that meet your needs.
Your property consultant will explain the virtues of each place you see, along with information on the areas in which they are located. Remember always that the location is key, GoldAcre Estates knows the territory perfectly and will help you make the right decision from our vast experience and knowledge.
Once you decide to buy a property and before making a reservation, GoldAcre Estates will provide you with a written summary of the exact costs of the property, how it can be financed and how much it will cost to maintain.

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  Property buying guide

Useful suggestions in the form of a checklist with links to further information, to help you choose the right property for you.  Más >
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Commercial property

If you need a property in which to locate your business, then you have two options of the type of premises you can acquire, namely to buy or to rent.  Más >
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Frequently asked questions about buying property with GoldAcres Estates.
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Buying properties in Canary islands

GoldAcre Estates can help you find the perfect property, whether you need a place on the islands or looking to buy property abroad.  Más >
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Legal and tax guide

Good legal advice is a very important part of selling a property anywhere and just as important in the Canary Islands. Más >

After sales  

When you have successfully purchased your new home or commercial building. We will still be there to help you with the move, renovation, furniture or administration of your property.

From a swimming pool to a pergola, gardening and maintenance, or simply painting and decorating GoldAcre Estates is always here to help you find what you need.

If you want to earn money from your property for Long Term Rentals we can help.

We are there to help you with the move, renovation / alterations, furniture or administration. GoldAcre Estates is always here to help you find what you need.

For further information on Property Insurance and any other services please email us  More >

Earning money from your property

Rent your property for long term. We have clients who constantly seek to rent them. Contact our rental department More >

Property management

Contact us for advice on qualified Management companies who can look after your property while not using it. More >