How do we view residential or commercial accommodation?

    A property consultant from GoldAcre Estates will escort you to viewings. He or she will also apprise you of the facilities of the nearest town/village and local attractions.

When do I need to arrange building insurance?

    You should arrange for building insurance to take effect on the day you take title/exchange contracts, as you will bear the risk of loss if the property is damaged on this date or after.

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Do I need a Lawyer to purchase property?

     Not necessarily, this depends on the country you are purchasing property in and the purchase process. However GoldAcre Estates always recommend that you employ the services of a lawyer when purchasing property overseas, regardless if it required or not. Ideally the lawyer should be based locally and must be qualified regarding property laws of the country you are purchasing in.

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Can I live and work anywhere in Europe?

    Thanks to the European Union, its citizens are allowed to live and/or work anywhere in Europe. Each country has its own immigration policy but those relocating overseas to an EU country are able to do so without the need of a work permit or visa.

Should I apply for a home or overseas mortgage?

    It depends on which country you purchase in. There could be advantages to either choice. Where you obtain a mortgage will depend upon your personal circumstances and the loan options available to you at home or abroad. GoldAcre Estates will advise you on the options available. Read more in our mortgage guide.

What happens if the legal searches highlight a problem with the property?

    If the property search highlights a problem which cannot be resolved, you will receive your deposit back in full. This is why the deposit is held until the solicitor has completed the property search. No money is transferred to the vendor until your lawyer is happy with all aspects of the search.

Who will explain the fees & taxes associated with purchasing a property?

    As part of our service at GoldAcre Estates, we will always provide you with a written outline of the cost involved before you decide to purchase and before you place a reservation.

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Once we have decided to purchase will there be help to the completion?

    After you have selected your property and placed a reservation, the details of the sale are passed to our experienced Administration Department who will help and advise you right the way through the purchase process. We will liaise with the lawyers, vendor, and the banks if a mortgage is involved. We will even accompany you to the notary or location of the completion. If you have any questions during the process, call us and we will find the answer.