The design of the property is one of the most crucial steps in building your home

   Care and research should be taken to learn about the various options that you have in terms of style, size, materials, insulation etc. in order to incorporate as many of your own ideas into the plans as possible, bearing in mind budget, the feasibility of your ideas and the requirements of the local planning authority. Getting the design right before you start building could prevent costly delays and alterations during the build project. Read more on project management. A local architect will not only produce the plans for the building, but provide other services that are just as important such as, ensuring the plans and design meet local regulations; submitting the application and overseeing that the build stage licenses are granted. Even if you have very definite ideas on the design, size and style of the home you want to build, the advice of a local architect can prove invaluable with information on local materials, the effect of climate, prevailing weather, etc. Properties are built for various reasons here is some advice on points to bear in mind when building a villa/bungalow/duplex or townhouse and...

What to take into account when designing a house to sell

· Study the market and try to analyse what type of property the area is short of, or is popular.

· Do not go for extremes in style.

· Try to create outside private areas.

· Think about planting to soften the effect of a new build.

· Choose the best plot that is available for size, aspect or provides a better view.

· Look at other dwellings in the area and try to design your building to be more eye catching.

· Create a space for private parking/garage.

   Speak to our team at GoldAcres Estates for ideas on design and what is 'hot' for buyers at the moment. Our valuation team can give you an analysis of the current market and property requirements of buyers.

What to take into account when designing a house to rent

· Decide on the type of rental you want to attract i.e. short or long term.

· Depending on the type of rental, choose your location carefully.

· Design the property for ease of access, accounting for the elderly or the disabled, children etc.

· Design the building to be as low maintenance as possible.

· Use materials, decoration, furnishing etc. that can take a few knocks.

   If you are building a home to rent read more on our Property Management Service. >

What to take into account when designing a house for long term investment

· Design a classical type of abode that will not become outdated over the investment period.

· Research the area and the plans for development, transport, amenities etc.

· Investigate other build projects to gauge the competition.

· Speak with GoldAcres Estates Property Consultants for our view and experience.

· Decide on what the asset will be used for during the investment period.

   GoldAcres Estates can offer advice and help on any build project you may have in mind. Speak to us about any of the above points; after all, we live where you want to build.