Buying a property is a big step involving a substantial long-term financial commitment, so think hard about what you can afford, what the add on costs are and how much it will cost to run your new home. No one needs to be told that purchasing a home or business residence is a big step involving a substantial long-term financial commitment, so it is important that you think hard about your budget. 

Consider the assets you have such as savings, pensions - as well as the money that`s coming in and going out. A mortgage may help you acquire the place you really want and it may sound obvious, but take time to think of all the things you spend money on throughout the year; necessities and luxuries. Then calculate if you can still afford these and service a mortgage at the same time or if certain luxuries are worth giving up for your dream home. See our Mortgage Guide and Calculator to find out approximately what a mortgage would cost.

As a precaution, when we at GoldAcre Estates, meet you we will ask a few pertinent questions, that you may or may not have thought of just to make sure that you are comfortable with your budget. Who knows, you may be able to increase the amount of money you spend on your perfect home, but it is better to work with your budget range and be confident of what that is before you start looking at property.

When you finally decide on a property and before placing a reservation fee, GoldAcre Estates will provide you with a written summary of the exact cost of the property, how it can be financed, and how much it will cost you to maintain.


For some it is vital to secure a mortgage with a lender to purchase property. GoldAcre Estates is very experienced and will ensure you know all there is to know about choosing the right mortgage along with helping you with bank appointments and relevant papaerwork and even obtaining a pre- approval mortgage in principle offer for you for more information email


Everyone has their own 'wish list' regarding their ideal property. From local amenities to the number of bedrooms, GoldAcre Estates can help you create a comprehensive list, but remember you may have to make some small compromises because it is difficult to find everything on everyone’s wish list. 

Everybody has a different idea of what comprises of the perfect property. So to help us find your wish list, write down what you like and dislike and then tell your Property Consultant at GoldAcre Estates when you are having your very first meeting.
Carry a notepad with you and when, for example, you are driving past a school, write "you must be near a school" or "You do not want to be near a school".
Create a "must-have list" or simple ask for our pre prepared My Perfect Home notes that has with things like:

    * Type of property: Apartment, villa, town house, linked property, detached property...

    Minimum number of rooms / bathrooms.

    Type of parking / garage.

    * Kitchen separated from the dining room.

    * Private garden.

    * Swimming pool, private or communal, etc.


After all we live where you want to buy. Climate, traffic conditions, amenities... its local knowledge that could make the difference in finding the perfect home or looking to move again after just a short time.

If you see something that you haven't found in your viewing trips with us, when you are out either on foot or with when viewing estates agents websites, again ask us; we may still be able obtain it for you.
If you are not able to find your perfect property and you must have everything on your list, then ask us about our Design and Build service and let us find that perfect piece of land and allow GoldAcre Estates to help you construct your perfect home.


You have done your research; prepared a shortlist of property to view and now you are ready to have a look at what could be your new home. As you approach a potential new home, regardless whether you love it or not, you should take the time to view it properly. You have come this far, and it had points you liked while you were searching, so have a good look. Whatever your first impression, use these tips to ensure you give the place thorough consideration:

    * * If you love it then reserve it so you won`t be disappointed; even at times of crisis people still buy villas, Townhouses and apartments. Not surprisingly the great ones always go first. If it is the one for you; don't miss out!! 

    * View in daylight you are more likely to spot defects, appreciate colours etc. If this is not possible and you like the house, make an appointment to come back during daylight hours.

    * BLook for minor repairs needed they may not be enough to stop you buying what otherwise is your perfect house but add the repair into the final price.

    * Look for power points are there enough to suit your needs and are they in the right positions? If you have to install more, it will add to the cost of the property.

    * The kitchen and the bathrooms are usually the most expensive to renovate so spend time checking them carefully. In the kitchen ask to open cabinets, fridges etc. switch on appliances and in the bathroom run the bath/shower.

    * Look up at the ceiling cracks or damp patches could spell problems or is it just bad decorating or condensation, both of which are easily remedied.

    * Check the outside by walking all the way round the building and the boundary walls. Find out where the sun rises and sets. If the garden has a pool or spa, check the pumps/plumbing works.

    * Ask questions it is easier when on site than later and if an explanation is needed you can look at it while you are there.

    * Don't be afraid to ask 'There is no such thing as a stupid question.' Take a camera with you and get some photos to remind you later (ask permission before snapping away). GoldAcre Estates usually have a good supply of photos on all our real estate, so just ask and we can supply you with not only the photos but informative notes and the price.

    * As well as viewing the buildings, we will also guide you on a tour of the area pointing out local amenities. If there is a particular facility that is important to you, tell us and we will point it out or find out where the nearest one is.

    * If the house is unoccupied check that the water and electricity are connected; does the A/C, heating work. If in doubt ask the Property Consultant that accompanies you to get confirmation that everything is in working order.  


     Viewings can often be over before you know it. So it`s essential you know what you`re looking for before you arrive and ensure you remember everything after you leave. Ensure you have a checklist, or ask your Property Consultant at GoldAcre Estates for our prepared list.

      At GoldAcre Estates, your Property Consultant will sit down with you, before dashing off out of the office, to take a few minutes to talk about what you will be viewing and where. This gives you a chance to say 'No don't want to see that!' so saving you time to see other options. This also helps your Property Consultant ascertain what features would or would not be suitable based on your needs.

      GoldAcre Estates Property Consultants are trained to listen to you, our client, so hopefully making sure you are viewing property that fits your needs and requirements.

      Ask questions at any time and when they are fresh in your mind. Remember; there is no such thing as a silly question and rest assured, if we don't know the answer we will write the question down and find out for you.

     Here's a tip. Take a camera with you to snap some reminder pictures of the places you have visited. With cameras built in as standard on most mobile phones, this is easier than ever. But please always ask permission from your Property Consultant and/or the owner before taking any internal pictures.

    At the end of your visits we will list the real estate seen along with their details and price, so you can remember what you've seen. Don't be afraid to let us know your likes and dislikes or if you have re-assed your original requirements. There may be other houses or apartments within our portfolio that better fit your needs.


     Don't be overwhelmed by the legal side or on-going processes of your sale. GoldAcre Estates will be there to help and advise you along your way from Reservation to Title.


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