Renovating and modernizing your home

    In most cases of a renovation, the total cost and finishing time was higher than planned. To stay on top of the cost of your home improvement you need to follow some necessary steps before you start. Make sure you get several quotes in writing to compare, that clearly state which costs and services are covered (transport, materials, labour, weekend or holiday rates etc.). Ask for a realistic timeframe and how any changes to it will be handled. Also ensure you are provided with a certificate of public liability insurance, domestic building insurance and check with your local council to see if any building permits are required. Feel free to ask us for accredited local professionals you can hire.


    If you are looking to transform the look of a room and add value to your home cheaply and easily, paint colour is the way to go. Consult a professional and find out the numerous options you have as far as paint techniques are concerned that can give your walls a unique appearance. Feature walls, stencilling, suede effects, bagging or distressing and infinite hues can trigger your imagination and help you give your home a very special personal touch. Painters usually quote an hourly rate or they work out the cost depending on the project size. Don't forget to ask for a breakdown of the different costs involved, such as labour and materials. You might consider buying the paint yourself to reduce the total budget.

Heating and air-conditioning

    The geographic location of a home and especially the seasonal weather patterns will play a big part in determining how crucial it is to alternate any heating, ventilation or air-conditioning systems. Another important factor will be the type of residents in a home. For example elderly or ill residents may have a greater need of effective systems in order to maintain their health. Don't automatically assume that it will be cheaper to repair the existing installations; in most cases it is better to replace the older models with new that use less electricity to perform the same work and thus lowering costs over time.

The bathroom

    The upgrade of the bathroom can immensely affect the real market value of your home. Since it is acknowledged to be a challenging job, potential buyers will consider the time, money and stress they can save. First of all, think about the style you want your bathroom to have. Will it be contemporary, traditional or theme-based? Evaluate the options you have as far as countertops and flooring materials are concerned. Depending on the size of your bathroom, go for a pedestal sink or maybe a double sink. Make your bathroom a destination for relaxation by replacing the old tub with a new comfortable one. You can also try and find tub hardware that match vanity fixtures as a set. Also, concentrate on achieving the perfect light in the room by adding mirrors and supplementing the electric lighting with natural light sources, such as windows and skylights.

The kitchen

    The kitchen is the heart of a home, the place where a family cooks, eats and enjoys spending time together. Very often, after a long time, the things in your kitchen that looked good when you first bought your house may seem outdated and unappealing now, so a remodel is in order. Although, it can be an expensive, time consuming and complex endeavour, rest assured that it will widely benefit the value of your residence. Resist the temptation to choose an entirely different style for your kitchen and be consistent with the look of the rest of your home, unless it occupies a separate room. If you are on a strict budget you will probably end up choosing pre-made kitchen cabinets which are low cost and more than adequate. For more demanding projects, custom-built cabinets are the only way to reach all your design and practical requirements. The best alterations during a kitchen remodelling should make the space more attractive as well as functional. You can have your contractor add a countertop with stools, or even a work station that has space for a computer where you can go through your paperwork, bill-paying and your children can do their homework. Make sure the kitchen floor is resistant to spillages and other hardships and if you are resurfacing tiles, do a sample section before proceeding to see if they really fit your taste.