There are two distinctly different types of Property one Is Commercial Property for Business use the other is Residential, for Personal Living , Holiday or Investment.

Commercial Property

GoldAcre Estates has a large selection of commercial property and businesses for you to view and an experienced team to advice and help you..

Please view our current list of commercial real estate that we have available for sale. 

If you need a property in which to locate your business, then you have two options of the type of premises you can acquire, namely to buy or to rent. The process of buying or renting a business location depends on the country you wish to purchase in. Please use the links to read more information on how to acquire commercial property. Here is a general guide of the pros and cons of buying and renting.

Buying the property 

Buying helps you plan for the long term and gives your business a degree of stability. Owning the freehold also gives the business a good standing in the eyes of your clients, Mortgages are available from Spains leading banks and GoldAcre Estates has the expertise to assist you in the application processes.


You will be free of worries about monthly rent increases or changes to the annual rental contract. If the property increases in value so does the value of your business when you come to sell.

You can purchase the premises with a mortgage and have the advantage of re-mortgaging to raise finance. 

Depending on local taxation rules; property, mortgages and interest payments may be tax deductible. 

You can design the premises to suit your business needs, or you can rebuild and extend as your business expands.

If you take a mortgage out, the repayments could be similar to monthly rental payments.

You will be able to sub-let part of the building (subject to the mortgage agreement if applicable). 

Depending on local taxation rules if the market value increases, this could benefit Capital Gains commitments.

Renting the property

Renting is a good solution when it is a new business and raising capital to purchase may be difficult without a 'trading history'. Renting also allows you flexibility in the short term should you need to expand or require more than one site depending on your success.


You will be free of worries about monthly rent increases or changes to the annual rental contract. If the property increases in value so does the value of your business when you come to sell.

· Allows you to test the market and/or area before committing to a fixed investment.

Renting property doesn't tie up cash so allowing you to invest in stock, machinery, staff etc.

Usually you will not be responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of the building.

· You will not expose your business to market forces, which may help plan future finance budgets.

Flexibility to open second, or more, sites without the need of large capital.

If renting a business it may include the business name and the good will.

The successful running of a business with a rented building will help when producing a business plan and acquiring a loan when you want to purchase.

What to look for

What to look for when viewing a commercial property is basically the same anywhere in the world, but good local knowledge is important and even more so if you are opening in an area new to you.  
GoldAcre Estates have been helping businesses to start up, re-locate or expand for many. If you already have the business but want to purchase your own premises, or you are just starting the business and decide to rent, you must analyse your business needs and priorities to help you decide what is the best location for you. Write down the important points, features that can be adjusted to need and which features would be a bonus to help with your search. Visit similar businesses to get an idea of competition and assess how they maximise the potential of their commercial property and what you would change. If your business is going to need a retail outlet then a main street or shopping area may be essential so as to maximise your chances of 'walk-in' clients. However, if your product or service is specialist for professional use or the only one in the area, your clients will have to come to you, which may allow you to purchase/rent in a less expensive area.
Car parking is a bonus but the land required adds hugely to the cost of the property. Explore the surrounding areas for free car parks; is parking allowed outside your premises? If your business is a supply or manufacturing operation , then an out of town location will probably prove a cheaper option, but think about parking and/or bus routes, not just for your clients but also for your staff. Calculate how much space you need per employee; add additional space for a conference room, customer reception, delivery point etc. Look for a building that is light and airy and will comply with any necessary safety regulations such as emergency service access.

Would two premises be more cost effective?

Perhaps one that needs to be heated for staff and clients and another where the ambient temperature is not so important such as a storage facility.

Of course some businesses need specialist buildings or locations such as hotels, leisure resorts, airport service industries etc., but once again research and local knowledge is important. Airport stands or units can be very expensive but a small reception desk for a car hire company in the airport could be affordable if the main administration offices were remote from the airport and a shuttle service was available for clients.

When you budget for your commercial property, remember to put aside some money for... 

· Decorating costs, for corporate colours.

· Installing IT and telecom systems.

· Office furniture.

· Staff facilities, WCs, changing rooms, canteen etc.

•Moving cost from present site to a new site..

· Office stationery, company branded material.

• Advertisement such as outside name boards or signs with directions.

· Safety equipment, extinguishers, smoke alarms etc.

· Security such as alarms and safes.

Of course if you are renting, some of the above may be included, but if you are buying you need to check if they are included. GoldAcre Estates will require the vendor to provide an inventory of equipment and/or stock. To cover all the aspects of a commercial business that a property must meet in this one article is impossible, but we hope that this has helped in your search. With our experience and trained staff we are confident we can help you get your business up and running. If you have any questions or would like to know more information on purchasing a commercial property or business please contact us.


Whether you are looking at finance for the purchase of a business or at the finances of running a business, an accountant trained in commercial finance and taxation will be invaluable. Nobody wants to pay more tax than they have to and usually commercial taxation is more complicated than personal tax. GoldAcre Estates can recommend trained and proficient accountants to help you purchase your business and manage your annual accounts. We have worked with good and renowned firms for a number of years and found them to be efficient and able to provide sound advice.

Mortgages, tax, accountancy rules etc. vary greatly depending on which country you are purchasing the business in. See more information by choosing the country you are interested in trading in or contact us.

Cash Purchase

As with purchasing any property setting your budget is important and an accurate budget is absolutely crucial for a commercial property investment. If you are fortunate enough to be able to purchase your commercial property solely with cash, allow enough spare money for set up costs and to carry you through the first few months of trading. GoldAcre Estates will provide you with a breakdown of the additional cost of purchasing the business and a guide as to the annual charges and taxes. Even though you may have the money to buy, investigate the possibility of a commercial mortgage for all or part of the purchase, as this may be tax deductible to some extent.

Commercial Mortgages

As a rule commercial mortgages are more difficult to acquire than a mortgage for a residential property. The banks will require a lot of information about your financial means, your business and may insist on a 'trading history'. You can expect the lender to ask you to put up a higher deposit than for a residential mortgage, probably at least 40% and in many cases 50% of the value of the commercial property. Commercial mortgages are only usually given against freehold property. Just the same as for a residential property, commercial mortgages are for a pre-determined period at an interest rate that is usually pegged against the country`s base rate. If you need finance for a commercial property lease, it may be possible to raise a loan against another asset, i.e., your home. However, be aware that failure to meet the terms of repayment could result in the loss of both assets. Ensure that you ascertain what is included in the price of the commercial property; does it come with the stock included and what is the value? Are company vehicles a part of the sale? Do you get the trading name and rights? At GoldAcre Estates we endeavour to provide as much information on what is included in the sale as possible. However it is not always possible to cover every little detail so we will be there with you to help you negotiate the exact terms of the sale and ensure that those terms are honoured. If you are purchasing a business outside of your home country or want to trade with a foreign country read about Currency exchange and how we can help.

How Goldacre Estates can help you buy a commercial property in the Canary Islands. 
GoldAcre Estates have been helping clients with buying or renting commercial property for many years and providing a professional service that will take you right the way through the process. The types and sizes of commercial operations are varied, but our friendly and informed staff can help you find what you need and provide that import 'Local Knowledge'. Whether you are a local or a foreign buyer we will help you deal with any of those little unexpected situations. Our aim is to take care of the buying process so you can concentrate on establishing and running your business. Your visit to this website may be your first contact with GoldAcre Estates and we hope you find it informative and user friendly. Please use the Contact page to get in touch with us and talk about commercial property here in the Canary Islands. We are very conscious that clients do not want to be put under any pressure and we won't. Some of our satisfied buyers have been talking to us for years, visiting us each time they come to the islands until they finally find a commercial opportunity that suits them. GoldAcre Estates offers a far more comprehensive service than other agencies. We will be by your side right the way through purchasing process from your first initial enquiry through to you opening for business on your first day. Not only do we find the real estate that will suit your budget and needs, we will be there to help you with the language, the legal paper work, your financial concerns and of course escort you round the commercial outlets you choose to view and introduce you to the area's facilities. We have experienced friendly sales consultants trained in commercial real estate, who will be happy to help you in your search. So go on, pick up the phone, we know we can help you.

Commercial property in the Canary Islands

What to look for when you view a commercial property is basically the same anywhere in the world but good local knowledge is important and even more so if you are opening in an area new to you. Read our guide to commercial property purchase. GoldAcre Estates have been helping businesses in the Canary Islands to start up, re-locate and/or expand for many years and our expertise will assist you in making the right commercial property purchase.

· Importing

If importing materials or produce is important to your business consider locating close to a port, as virtually everything has to come to the islands by sea. Each of the seven major islands has its own commercial port, although sometimes cargo may have to come via another Island so it is important to check your supply network. All the ports have industrial estates close by and bonded warehouses available. If you do need to import but also need to be in a different area from the ports, the road structure and their maintenance is excellent but look at the access route and whether it can it handle the size of transport and stock you expect?.

· Bio-Sphere status

The islands rely on tourism as a major source of income and employment and several of the islands have Bio-Sphere status so the granting of business licenses is often dependent on how that business impacts on the island and its economy. OK, so you are not wanting to open a nuclear reactor plant but it's very unlikely that permission will be given for a 10 storey hotel either on Fuerteventura. If you are purchasing a shop, bar or a restaurant, look at the terrace area in front and find out if it is included. Ask if there is a license required to display products or use as a seating area. The Canary Islands have a constant sunny climate which is ideal for outside dining, so don`t just look at the number of inside covers.

· Finance

GoldAcre Estates can help you find the financing for your commercial venture and introduce you to qualified accountants in Canarian business law.

· Legal

Good legal advice is always important and we can recommend independent lawyers who specialise in the aspects of commercial law and business purchase.

· Taxation

The Canary Islands have a unique system of taxation compared to other parts of Europe and good advice on commercial taxation can help you save money. Read about Canary Island tax and how to get advice on commercial tax in the Canary Islands.