Of Qualified Professionals 

With considerable experience, where their good work is in the demonstrated satisfaction of their customers, providing a personalized service, with constant information makes our customers enjoy a quality service.

This is achieved because we believe in common goals, good service and proven experience, this is achieved only because we are a team of friends and we are willing to treat our clients as such.

Our clients are the most important aspect of our business and if you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve our business, then do not hesitate to let me know.

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John’s business experience spans many years in the commercial sector at both Senior Management and Main Board Level.

He has worked in Real Estate and lived in the Canary Islands for the last 17 years and has sold property throughout the Canary Islands. His vision for GoldAcre Estates is to provide a family orientated business with a team of specially selected professionals who share his view of providing all of GoldAcre Estates clients with a safe and secure way of purchasing a property in the Canary Islands and other world territories the company has offices in. John along with the team has a total belief in client service & honesty.

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Artemis originally from Patras, Greece, studied in the UK obtaining a B.A in tourism from Bournemouth University. Artemis spent many years in Spain working in the Tourism and Real Estateindustries, before moving to the Canary Islands 20 years ago initially to Tenerife and now Fuerteventura.

Before joining GoldAcre Estates, Artemis was jointly responsible for building one of the largest real estate agents within the Canary Islands.Fluent in 3 Languages (Greek, English and Spanish), Artemis brings a wealth of experience to GoldAcre Estates in areas such as computer programming, real estate law and administration processes along with excellent general management skills.

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Originally from Singapore, Nicolas first entered the property sector whilst studying sustainable tourism development in the Algarve, Portugal. During that time he worked with Developers Bovis Abroad and the Emerson Group on their Golf Course and Property Developments in Boavista and Quinta do Lago. He then moved on into working in a family construction of a Management and Rental business. 

Being a keen diver and windsurfer along with his love of marine life eased his decision to move to Fuerteventura working again in Real Estate.His 25 year experience in Real Estate and Property Development is a valuable contribution to the Team of GoldAcre Estates.

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Alex has been working with GoldAcre Estates since its opening in 2005 after accepting the invitation from his father to join him in Fuerteventura. After finishing school in Gibraltar he studied in Salamanca university to learn Spanish to help him when moving to Fuerteventura to work. In 2008 / 2009 Alex took a brief sabbatical from GoldAcre Estates to get his yacht master certificate and began working on 5* yachts for the better part of 2009.

Now Alex is back with the GoldAcre TEAM and doing all he can to help any and every client looking for a dream home in the sun. ¡

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Monica, originally from Barcelona and a devoted fan of its Football Club, came to Fuerteventura in 2004 fleeing the stress of the big city.

She instantly fell in love with the good weather and beaches that this island offers and decided to start a new life. Monica, who is graduated in RRPP and Company Marketing, has always worked with the public, listening to the needs of her customers to offer the best product. Known for her friendliness and helpfulness. She will help you find your dream home in our beautiful island.

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Carlos arrived in Spain 20 years ago. Originally from Colombia, he has lived in different cities such as: Madrid, Valencia, Toledo, Murcia and Fuerteventura. He also lived 5 years in England, during that time apart from traveling and getting to know new cultures that is his passion, work in the sales sector that allowed him to excel in the professional and personal field. He is a sports lover, enthusiast, lover of new technologies, culture and personal growth. More than two years ago he decided to move to Fuerteventura because he knew that the quality of life that is experienced on the island in very few places in the world can be enjoyed. GoldAcre Estates gives you the opportunity to show more people, how wonderful it is to live on this island and all that it offers.

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Christina was born in Lower Franconia, Germany and has lived on this wonderful island for over 18 years.

She came to the island attracted by its beautiful sandy beaches, the tranquility that oozes the island and the climate make it very easy to feel good here in addition to water sports, where she discovered her passion for surfing and kite. 

Christina wants to Help all our German buyers find their perfect dream home here in Fuerteventura safely and with the support and knowledge that all their communications will be in German .

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Elaine is from London and came to Fuerteventura on holiday in 2020.She was so taken by the beauty of the island and lifestyle that she made a life changing and spontaneous decision to stay. Elaine found her new home with the help and guidance of GoldAcre Estates!

Elaine previously worked in Real Estate in the UK in the Customer Care team, Legal Team and then Sales and Marketing Team. She is passionate about offering the best customer care service and sharing her experience of buying a new home on the island and starting a new life here in Fuerteventura.

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Katie was born in England but has lived in Fuerteventura since she was 5 years old. Katie has grown up on this island and calls it home. Katie speaks English and Spanish fluently. Katie is very involved with the islands culture and the canarian traditions.
Katie loves helping others and has dedicated herself to tourism and customer service since she started working. Katie has various studies but is currently doing a degree in Psychology.

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Sara, an Italian girl who fell in love with Fuerteventura, came here 15 years ago and she liked it so much that she decided to move here straight away…

Because of her studies, she made possible her dream to travel and work abroad until she arrived in FVT where she decided to live definetly and create a family.

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Virginia is Brazilian and Spanish and lived in Germany for 25 years until she decided to return to Spain. After spending a couple of years in Galicia, she visited Fuerteventura and fell in love with Corralejo, where she has been living since September 2021.
Virginia studied translation and worked for large companies in translation, project management, marketing and online marketing.

She now plays a valuable role in GoldAcre Estates' Business Development Department.  

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Ana is from Valdepeñas, in mainland Spain, which is very famous for the good wine they produce. Ana moved to Fuerteventura nearly 22 years ago for an adventure with a few friends; after a while she decided to stay and has spent the last 16 years in real estate sales and administration. 

She is respected by both lawyers and bankers alike in Fuerteventura for her bright personality and knowledge of all the processes of real estate sales and law. The island is perfect for Anna`s who is now mother of 2 very nice children.

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Annile hails from the land of whisky (aka Scotland) although she left there 30 years ago to work overseas (Greece, Spain, Caribbean, Africa and Mexico) before finally settling in Fuerteventura in 2005.

Annile has worked many years in customer service and administration and been involved in many start up projects for companies in various parts of the world.



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