For some the thought of building your own home is a daunting idea so GoldAcre Estates have created a 'Design and Build Service' that will lead you through the whole process and will guarantee that nothing goes wrong from the first concept to your final completion and moving in.

Sometimes you just have to do it yourself! But you won’t be on your own.From helping you find the land, the architect, the builder and managing the project we can advise you each step of the way.

Buyers who are looking for that really special property that suits all their needs. You sometimes might not always be happy with what is offered on the market; sometimes it’s the location, the design of the villa, or quality and sometimes it’s all three!

We want you to feel comfortable and not be scared to design your own dream home. GoldAcre Estates Design & Build Service will lead you through the whole process and guarantee that nothing goes wrong from the first concept to your final completion and moving in.

Buying land

   The first and most important step is to choose your location and this will depend upon your needs and use of the property. Will it be just for your own use? Will you want to rent it out? Will you want to sell it on immediately? Maybe you will want a property that fulfils each of these needs?

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Design your dream home

    The design of the property is one of the most crucial steps in building your home. Care and research should be taken to learn about the various options that you have in terms of style, size, materials, insulation etc. in order to incorporate as many of your own ideas into the plans as possible, bearing in mind budget, the feasibility of your ideas and the requirements of the local planning authority.

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Building your dream home

   Once the design of the building is approved by you and the local authorities, it is time to begin the build process. However, before you rush off and hire a digger, spare some time for planning which will save you time and money.

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Project management

   Once the building process begins, besides the builders, the project will involve the architect, installers, planning officers, suppliers, utility officials, council workmen, etc. all working on the build. If you cannot be on site for the whole process, to make sure that everything runs smoothly, it is best to employ the services of a project manager.

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Design & Build service

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