Find the right location

   The first and most important step is to choose your location and this will depend upon your needs and use of the property. Will it be just for your own use? Will you want to rent it out? Will you want to sell it on immediately? Maybe you will want a property that fulfils each of these needs?
    At GoldAcre Estates we will take our time to recommend to you your perfect area, respecting and understanding your budgets and the eventual use you have in mind. Our professional team will then start by assisting you in finding that perfect plot.
    Of course, you will also need to check that the land is designated for building purposes and what type of build will be allowed. When GoldAcre Estates value land for sale we ascertain what the land can be used for, however, it is important that licenses/deeds are checked and often this will require the use of a Lawyer. If you are buying land for agricultural use, or a mixture of building and agriculture, it is important to ascertain that licenses will be granted for this or that it is already designated for rural use.

Plot size and aspect

   The size of the plot will be important not just for the space and privacy it affords you but also for determining the size of property that you will be allowed to build according to the Building Regulations for the area. Most build sizes are linked as a percentage to the size of the plot.
    Access to the road is often dependant on the length of the 'frontage of the plot' as laid down by local regulations and it is important that this is checked to make sure that your preferred entrance is available. It is also important to ascertain that you own the access or that access is allowed and it doesn't for example, cross someone else's boundary lines.
    Level plots are easier to build on usually, but a gently sloping plot may provide more of a view or help with drainage! A good architect can design a house to accommodate the landscape of the plot but if you have a specific design requirement or use for the property it will be important to make sure the land is suitable and consultation with an architect may be advisable sooner rather than later. GoldAcre Estates can recommend proven, qualified architects who can advise you and then if you wish, go on to help you draw up the plans.

Planning permissions

   It is not just the size of the building that planning permission covers, but also the height, materials, use, etc. For instance, quite often swimming pools will need separate licenses. One tip is, look at other houses in the neighbourhood and see what type of buildings have been allowed, this isn`t full proof but will give a good indication as to what may be permitted.


   When choosing a plot take into account if it has electric, water and a telephone line supplied to the site. If the plot does not have these connections then, usually it is possible to have it connected to the mains supply, but allow this extra cost to be included in your budget. If there is a problem with mains supply being available or prohibitive because of the cost, consider other forms of supply such as wind or solar power, or water supplied by tanker to a private reservoir/tank. Communications could be provided by mobile etc. Often rural sites will not have the provision for mains sewage and so a `grey water` tank will need to be installed. Ensure the plot has the space for this and the access for transport to pump out the tank when necessary.

Buy the land if you don't already own it

   GoldAcre Estates an help you find the ideal plot to build your dream home (or commercial property). We have a range of building plots that vary in size aspect and usage and we are sure that we can find the perfect one for you. To view available plots use our Search Engine. Sometimes it`s the design of the building that will dictate the type and size of plot that will be suitable. Maybe it`s the plot, landscape and views that will dictate the design of the house. The best advice is to be flexible when looking at land to purchase and build on. After all, you have complete control over the design, style, size, aspect etc., so try to view each site individually and not compare it with others. The plot is just one ingredient in the whole build project, although it may be difficult when you are stood in a field of mud; try to imagine the end result.  When you decide on a plot to buy GoldAcre Estates, will outline in writing the financial details of the purchase and try to give you an idea of the cost of building your home. We will also advise what purpose the land can be used for when you build, that will satisfy the local building regulations. Contact us if you want to know more on buying land in The Canary Islands. Of course the plot you may be considering to buy could be just one of several set sizes in a building/development scheme. In this case decide on your priorities; is a view essential; is easy access important; does the plot have to be level? Whatever your requirements choose the one that meets the most on your wish list. Tell us what you need because we have probably walked over the site numerous times.