Once the design of the building is approved by you and the local authorities, it is time to begin the build process. However, before you rush off and hire a digger, spare some time for planning which will save you time and money.


   Set a budget for the whole project and build into that budget an emergency fund for the unexpected. If all goes to plan, and budget, then the money can be used at the end for upgrades or lifestyle improvements.

Fixed date

   Try to get a fixed date for the work to be done and even better get it in writing. If you require a piece of specialised equipment or material as the supplier for an idea as to the lead time that it required so that this can worked into the project schedule. Arrange a meeting with your builder and architect to discuss the project time scale and a completion date. Planning at this stage will mean that equipment, experts and materials arrive when they are required and your labour force is not sitting around while still being paid. Look into a penalty clause for the project not finishing on time.


   Choose a builder carefully by asking for references, examples of finished projects and talking to industry professionals on what they think. GoldAcres Estates can recommend builders and craftsmen that have a proven record. Make sure you get a written quote and that everything in it, is explained.


   Once the build is underway keep a note of extras and whether you agree with the builder that they constitute as an extra. Some builders will load the project with extras to try to help their profit margin.

Keep checking up

   Inspect the site regularly and check that the work is as the plans show, the quality of work is good and that the stage licenses are being granted. If you do not feel qualified to inspect the work and compare it to the plans then consider using a Project Manager. Apart from quality control a project manager can also help keep the project on schedule and offer advice on solving any problems that may occur without just accepting the solution the builder offers.

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Finishing the job

   At the end of the build ensure that all the licenses from the local authority, standards agencies and from the utility companies are signed and delivered. Final paperwork for the completion will depend on the area/country. In the presence of the builder inspect the building and compile a 'snagging list' of faults which you should both agree and sign with a time agreed for the faults to be corrected.

Want someone else to take the strain?

   If the above makes the thought of building your own dream home a daunting idea, GoldAcres Estates have created a 'Design and Build Service' that will lead you through the whole process and guarantee that nothing goes wrong from the first concept to your final completion and moving in. The Design and Build Service package has been created to make you to feel comfortable and not scared to design your own dream place.

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