When searching for a home to rent long term there are three main issues to consider:

Rent a home you can afford

   Generally you should plan ahead for the start-up costs which normally include; rental in advance, moving costs, utility expenses (connecting to water, electricity, telephone etc.), cost for furniture, decorations, kitchen utensils, linen and so on. Other than that, your budget must support the periodic rental payments and the day-to-day living costs.

The type of accommodation you would like to rent

   Whether a villa, an apartment or a townhouse the size and arrangement should fit your needs. Based on those needs GoldAcre Estates can offer you a wide selection of homes to choose from and guide you through their advantages and disadvantages.

The location you would like to rent in

   Lifestyle is a significant variable. Take stock of the things that are most important to you, such as proximity to work and schools, parks and beaches, shopping and medical facilities or access to public transport. Clean air and low noise areas could really benefit your quality of life. Thanks to our company's integrated information system we can help you discover more about a your ideal location than ever before.

Useful tips in Fuerteventura

  • Usually a deposit (one or two month`s rent) is requested upon signature of the rental contract, which will be returned when the tenant moves out, assuming that the villa or apartment is in good condition. 

  •  No additional taxes are charged to the tenant.

  • Electricity and water are to be paid by the tenant although many owners offer all inclusive rents.

  • Community fees (if you are renting on a complex) are generally paid by the owner, unless otherwise agreed.

  •  Apart from the lease, tenants may be required to sign an inventory of the property`s contents and the condition of them. In case of damage, the deposit is used to compensate the property owner for the cost of repairs/replacements.