This is an important consideration when purchasing in a different currency, and good advice is essential. The price during the purchase process WILL NOT CHANGE, but currency fluctuations mean that the price at the time of purchase may be different from the price at the time of taking title in your currency, GoldAcre Estates works with a number of the best and most respected currency houses in the world today, we will be happy to put you in touch with our most competitive International Currency Exchange Partners contact us here at for more information and to save significant amount of monies when exchanging currency.

Most people are aware of the exchange rates for holiday spending, but many people are not aware that there are commercial rates for large transactions, such as property purchase, that can make a significant difference to the amount of foreign cash you can obtain for your national currency. For more information on up-to-date currency exchange rates and the best companies to use, please contact us about Currency Exchange.

For example, a UK citizen purchasing in Spain or in fact anywhere in the world you only need a slight difference in the Sterling to Euro or other currencies such as the US Dollar rate to make a significant difference to the overall price! This is true for any foreign currency exchange transaction!

For many purchasing properties overseas, the first thought is the local home bank. Although they provide an important comparison, they may not always be the ones that offer you the best rates. Like all high value purchases it pays to check the marketplace and to this end you should consider some of the specialist currency exchange companies. GoldAcre Estates works closely with several trusted currency exchange houses across the world that offer a variety of tailored currency exchange and payment transfer packages.

For example, did you know that a favourable exchange rate could be fixed for a forward time, so you avoid unfavourable rate fluctuations? This is one of many services that can be used to help make the purchase of your home as stress free as possible and ensure that you are in charge of overall costs.

For more information on International Currency Exchange Companies and the best rates available for worldwide currencies including Euros, US Dollars, Sterling, Russian Rouble’s, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen contact us

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