We invest heavily in promoting our company and therefore driving clients to view your property. Some of the ways we promote your property are...


· We advertise regularly in local, national and international magazines and newspapers, as weel as constantly on local radio stations, Billboards, International property exhibitions .

· We invest in new Internet and database technologies to produce informative, easy to use web sites where prospective clients can view your property along with all the surroundings and easily contact us.

· Through John Goldacre and others in our company we have provided expert information and opinion, given interviews and analysis and reported for several International TV shows and news programmes.

· We regularly exhibit at Property Exhibitions and Trade Showsin various European countries.


· We ensure that GoldAcre Estates name and branding is in front of as many potential clients as possible using advertising hoardings, 'For Sale' signs, sponsorship banners etc.

· GoldAcre Estates sponsor the property/lifestyle magazines 'BuyIn Fuerteventura' etc.

· We produce informative literature such as GoldAcre maps, guides, leaflets, buying guides etc. to hand out to clients.


· Our offices are kept neat, welcoming and display property information on stands, in the windows and patios which are constantly updated.

· We invest time, training and capital into our own telemarketing and research departments to ensure we are always in touch with our clients.

· GoldAcre Estates have one of the most sophisticated Customer Data Bases in the world that allows us to track and update our clients with their needs.

· We collaborate closely with selected Estate Agents around the world to help their clients purchase property in areas where we have a presence and the other agents do not.

· We have weekly meetings to discuss which properties have been sold, which properties are new to the market, are reduced, have been upgraded etc. Simple? Maybe but it means nobodies property slips anyone's attention.

· GoldAcre Estates invests in the constant improvement of the whole workforce within our company on client`s standards and customer satisfaction.