At GoldAcre Estates we just love homes. It stands for all the different aspects that need to be perfect to result in a great overall experience. So, apart from great service, we are determined to have the ability to give you valuable advice. With our presence in the local markets for many years and genuine interest in all customer needs, we have evolved into a true 'one-stop-shop' and can be there for you when you want to move out, make improvements and repairs, or choose the right equipment. In GoldAcre Estates we fully understand that a home has needs and responsibilities and that in many cases the owners cannot cover everything..

Renovating and modernizing your home

    In most cases of a renovation, the total cost and finishing time was higher than planned. To stay on top of the cost of your home improvement you need to follow some necessary steps before you start.

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Upgrade the quality of your life

    Building a pool, spa or sauna and other suggestions for giving your home that extra something.

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Energy and evironmentally-friendly homes

    A home which uses energy inefficiently can be costly over time and is usually a result of either flawed electrical, heating or air-conditioning systems or just poor insulation.

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Child safety

    Homes are designed and built for adult use and comfort, so their heights, spaces and structures can very often present hazards to children.

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    Moving is one of those things that can go wrong, having things broken or even lost. The right preparation before a move can save you from all the trouble and make your transition to your new home much smoother.

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