There is no better way to enjoy a hot summer day than having a pool to cool off in! Building a pool is a huge project and should be handled by experts that will make the design, submit it to the local council for a construction permit, organize a soil excavation and hire other professionals needed in each stage. There are two types of pools: fiberglass and concrete. Fiberglass pools are prefabricated but have the ability to be assembled on-site if access is restricted, whereas concrete pools are sprayed on top of the ground and shaped into the final form. A plumber and an electrician are needed to lay the necessary pipes of the pool, such as filtration, lighting, hydrostatic valves, heating pipes, as well as, a ground fault circuit interrupter. The surrounding area is not to be neglected because it can make a big difference to the aesthetic appeal of your pool area. You can combine plants, paving, sculptures and water features, such as an imposing wall of water to create that special look. Lighting is equally important, if not more, since it enables you to use your pool even at night; while a creative illumination of a pool`s features can make it striking when it's dark.


   There is a growing trend in spas as they are fun and relaxing, easy to install and require a much smaller budget than a pool. Usually they are placed outside of the house, although you can enjoy one inside by converting your bathroom into a centre of relaxation. Modern spas include many features that can cover all tastes and offer more pleasure. You can have, for example, a swimming spa which has special surf jets that allow you to swim on the spot, a therapeutic spa that facilitates hydrotherapy and/or chromatherapy using massaging jets and LED lights or even a multimedia spa with a flat screen and loudspeakers.


   Give your penthouse or villa a Finnish touch by adding a sauna. Modern technologies allow controlling the humidity of the room and feeling comfortable in as high as 100ºC. Saunas are not only perfect for relaxation, but also have health benefits and are often used for therapeutic sessions in conjunction with physiotherapy or hydrotherapy.

Garden design and landscaping

   Without a doubt it is worthwhile putting effort into having a beautiful garden for your dream home. A garden can be your own paradise, where you can relax, sunbathe, dine and have many lovely memories. Before taking action, think about the weather conditions of the area, choosing plants that are easy to maintain. Maybe you require some artificial garden grass? You should decide on the general style you want your garden to have or you could hire a professional to help you. Highlight your plants with the right lighting, add garden ornaments and don`t forget the importance of outside furniture.

Fitness areas

   Whether it is a fitness room or a basketball or tennis court, investing in such a project will add extra luxury to your accommodation and give you extra reasons to spend more time enjoying your home. Also, when you are looking for a buyer, your fitness areas will make a very attractive asset.


   It is a universally acknowledged truth that nothing contributes more to the warm, cosy feeling of a room than a fireplace. The good news is that, today, there are so many different types of fireplaces (brick or stone, metal, wood or gas, with a chimney or with no ventilation) that can cover every need and overcome any difficulty.


   Barbecue can be a very fun tradition at your home; spending time with good friends while enjoying delicious home-cooked meat or fish. Since you can find BBQs in all shapes and sizes, you can add one without spending too much money and fit it in the space you have available.