A good property manager will offer different management packages to suit your needs. These can range from just checking on a vacant property and cleaning a couple of times a month, to a five star holiday rental package with airport pick-up, and champagne and flowers to welcome your guests into the accommodation.

· If your home is vacant

   Discuss with the management company what type of care your property needs, so when you arrive at your holiday home you can enjoy the rest and not have to spend the first half of it cleaning! Remember, just because it’s not in use doesn’t mean it won’t deteriorate. For instance if you have a swimming pool, and it’s not looked after weekly, you will arrive to find a green pond instead of a blue sparkling pool.

· If your property is to be rented

   A good management company will advise you on the best type of rental for your property and what should be included, i.e: price etc. Most management companies are rental agencies as well and this is often the best option as it keeps everything under one roof and makes it easier to co-ordinate.

· Always make sure that you understand the costs involved

   Ask about other costs that may be incurred so that you can set your rates at a competitive level and make money. A good management company will produce a contract stating exactly what their charges and their obligations are.